Caring for your tan

Endless Glow offers many products to extend the life of your tan.  Please see the Retail Products for pricing and product descriptions.  Ingredients to all products can be found at

The reason any tan (sun or sunless) fades is because of the skin's natural exfoliation process.  You will want to avoid chlorine, hot water, vigorous scrubbing in the shower, waxing and shaving, and any other practice that may speed up the skin's exfoliation process.  If it's possible, try to do your waxing and shaving prior to your airbrush.  Shaving in some areas of the body may be necessary before your tan completely fades.  This is OK!  Just try to avoid extensive shaving or waxing.  When washing the face, swimming, shaving, or anything else is done that removes or fades your tan, we recommend one of our at home products to touch up these areas to provide even blending and gradual fading.  A regular airbrush tan can last 5-7 days.  With tan extenders, your tan can be expected to last at least 10 days if you take good care of your skin and follow your after care steps.  Please remember to use unscented, alcohol free lotions and perfumes.  Cetaphil and Melaleuca's Renew are great lotions to use. 

Perfect Glow is the very best way to moisturize your skin, slow down dryness and exfoliation, as well as deliver a small amount of color to your skin, boosting and extending the life of your airbrushed tan.  This is our BEST seller!

For at home touch ups, our Endless Glow Airbrush Spray is amazing!  Available in full size or travel size, this product helps to just touch up areas you feel fade faster than others.  With Firmaderm and caffeine in it, this spray tones and tightens the skin as well!  I love to use this on my face every few days to keep a nice glow all week long!  Keep in the fridge for cooling effect and to keep freshness longer.  
Flawless Faces is a great product to help tan the face and even replace makeup.  With firming and moisturizing ingredients, Flawless Faces is an awesome benefit to your facial routine.  Spray into a sponge and dab all over the face and neck area.  The color will darken and set over time to give you a nice, natural, and healthy glow.
Endless Glow offers so many products!  For more information, and even more products to prep your skin for an airbrush and for great after care, please see the Retail Products tab.

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