Another Endless Glow Tech (Krista Mays) offers an in-depth video demonstration of Endless Glow's technique and product:

For a demonstration of an airbrush tan, this video is great.  It can give you an idea of what to expect when you come for an airbrush tan.  Tans only take about 15 minutes and you can undress to your comfort level.  I offer disposable underwear if you'd like to use that, come in a swimsuit, or go nude.  It's totally your call.  This video is not an Endless Glow Tech, but she does give you an idea of airbrush tanning.

Mystic vs Airbrush tan...Mystic tanning has NO way to customize a tan to your body and your specific skin needs.  The color is often orange and uneven.  Don't Mystic!  Here's why:

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